Salmo Slider

A slider caught pike

A specimen pike caught on the slider

The ‘Salmo Slider’ has to be one of the best lures ever invented! It falls into the jerkbait category and comes in five sizes 5,6,7,10 and 12cms the smaller sizes are best suited to perch and trout and the 10 and 12cms have to be fished to be believed and in the spring summer and autumn over shallow water less than 4meters they will catch fish after fish.
I have been fishing sliders for around 10years now and they have never let me down and if you are interested in jerkbait fishing you’d do no better than to buy 3-4 of these baits and I assure you it won’t be long until they have plenty of tooth marks on. I have one slider now over 8 years old and has caught me in excess of 150 pike now, it would be more as I keep trying to find alternatives but I always end up going back to these lures.
Salmo Slider

Salmo Sliders in 10 and 12cms

You can cast them out and wind them back in and that is all you have to do as they will dash erratically from side to side as you wind put in a few pauses and twitch the rod every now and then and you have the answer to your dreams, this versatile lure is also an excellent trolling lure and is one of the few jerkbaits that catch effectively on this method, They come in sinking and floating and as a rule I tend to use the floaters for casting and the sinkers for trolling but you can use them either – or, the choice is yours and I have caught many times on a sinking one casted it just works that bit deeper. As you can tell by this short review that it is one of my favourite lures and I rate it at 10 out of 10… Highly recommended.

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